The Boss Lady.

Wizard behind the curtain. F'n'B Manager.


A trendsetter when it comes to mixed drinks. Melody is usually caught being happy, singing, and laughing!

.....Unless it's a work day.

Chef Jay

Executive Chef Extraordinaire! Comes from a long line of grease fires and makeshift recipes. Not anymore!

He has worked hard to cook with love and achieve perfection.



Adventurer at heart. Loves exploring the uncharted and drinking fine wine. Always keeping busy and never a dull moment as a mom and grandmother.



Mara started on our banquets team and now is a proud member of the Embassy Crew! She serves with a smile and usually some kind of funny joke. Mara is great. Be like Mara.



One of our many stars. Gab works tirelessly through the evenings to deliver the best experience possible! 

In her spare time she likes long walks on the beach and puppies. #HockeyMom


Tanya has baby goats. She loves what she does and we love having her on the team. She is outdoorsy and easygoing, but won't hesitate to give you a hard time!

Always rocking a friendly smile!


Chilliwack's Best Burgers

and Beer.


Morning and afternoon extraordinaire! Amanda has been with us for 28 years and loves what she does. When she isn't busting up the floor with food and drinks, you can find her in the city playing and shopping!



A super mom and awesome server. A kind and sweet soul who loves great food and positive vibes.

Ask her about her cool tattoos!

Chef Edwin

It takes passion, practice and persistence to master the art of cooking. Sophistication comes from knowing what to do with simple, fresh and local ingredients to bring out the natural flavours of food and excite one’s appetite.



I’ve been working as a cook professionally for just over a decade. I’m currently one of the first cooks at the Embassy and am in charge of prepping most of the food for the dishes. I enjoy playing guitar, going to music festivals, and long walks on the beach.


Jordana is in school becoming a teacher, but has worked with us for many years. She is great friends with all of us and is like the family we never had. Always expect to see her running around with a smile on her face. Ask about her studies!


She has been cooking for us for many moons. She takes her European heritage and applies it to some awesome dishes here at The Embassy. Full of attitude and spunk, she is a winner for sure.


A great asset to our kitchen team. He comes mostly prepared every day and loves to laugh. We enjoy having him around, even when we don't.

Cooks a mean burger!



Amazing attitude and positive spirit make Olivia a super addition to our culinary team. We couldn't be more proud of her growth and success here and look forward to seeing her skills sharpen and her creations become even more delicious!


We call him the wild Ryder. His kitchen skills are insane and when he isn't cooking away, he is out roping some baddies or buffalo. Sick dude, right?



Rod has been with us for 15 years and is an all-star when it comes to banquets, prep, and breakfast. He glows and has strong will - something much needed in a functional kitchen.

Thanks for your contributions!

Sous Chef Jordan

Executive Chef in the making. He is fantastic and helpful in every way. Jordan works most evenings and is probably behind your delicious dinner. He enjoys long romantic walks to the fridge - don't we all?



She is one hardworking mama bear. Her daughter also works on the property and she instills family values into each dish she creates. A fiery spirit in the kitchen - perfect!


This flower has spent many years with us cooking up culinary art. She has always treated us well and treats her food even better. You can be proud of anything she makes for you, and we are too!



Asher is a chef and gentle soul who has been working with us for years. He comes from Jamaica and enjoys playing with the flavours. He makes sure nothing but the best gets to your plate - we have lots of thanks for this gem getting us through any tough times.


Our all-star night cleaner! Just because the restaurant is closed doesn't mean we don't have someone tidy up behind the scenes. Thanks for all you do without recognition! We appreciate it.



Our main boy. The man behind the dish pit. A superstar in the making. We love Jason "Jay" and are stoked to see him dancing and singing every day while he keeps our dishes in check. Thank you for all your hard work! This image captures it perfectly. We could not operate without you.


Awesome guy and a super neat dishwasher. We appreciate your efforts in making everything in the kitchen run as smooth as possible.



The son of one of our long time cooks and an all-around kind guy! When the going gets tough, he is always up to the challenge and ensures the highest quality in cleanliness just for you!


Our brave and fearless Breakfast Manager! Every day she goes up against the horde of guests who make their way to the buffet to start their day. Thank you for standing in where ever necessary too!



A great dishwasher and awesome guy - he is the one who asks to have his picture taken "in his domain". Michael is a family man and has pushed through life's challenges to arrive here with us. We appreciate all of your contributions to our ship.

Thank you.


Cheeky, intelligent, and curious. Katie is as lovable as she is funny. She lives to play Hockey and is an athlete every day, whether she is dodging her family's insults, or on the ice!