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Dining in the 21st Century - A Perspective

What is it to dine in the 21st century? Is it about the taste of a mouthwatering slab of steak seasoned to your liking? Is it about the quenching feeling of your favourite cold one fresh from the tap? Maybe it's the ambient music and the views from the patio? .....Well? What is it that gets you excited to go out with your friends and family these days?

Here is our perspective.....

We believe a great experience out with your friends should be just that. An experience. Simple, right? The question becomes "how do you create an experience that keeps people coming back?" How do you know you've found your "Central Perk"?

1. Environment

Your surroundings should mean something unique to you and your brain should always be thinking : this is where I belong! The finishing touches, the seating, the walls, and the music all play a role in this sense. If you feel like you are country-born, then you probably want to run your hand across a very real and grainy table made from someone else's hard work. You might also enjoy the twangs of a banjo and a rugged deep voice over the speakers. Do you really want to feel like you're outside overlooking a golf course or do you want to feel like you're hanging out in your grandparent's old barn they told you to stay out of? The environment should belong to you, as if it were your own. Find a piece of yourself in a venue and it'll all make sense.

2. Serving Staff

Now this one varies from venue to venue. The people can do a lot for making up the atmosphere, environment, and overall sense of home you connect with. Of course every member of staff who works at an establishment will contribute to this; however, it is the servers that bring home right to your table. With a friendly smile and a lame joke, a lot can be accomplished when you are dealing with someone you have grown to know. Believe it or not, but we want to get to know you during your stay in with us - and we hope you get to know us too. After all, becoming friends and learning to laugh together is what dining out is all about, right?

3. Food

This goes without saying. You need to have good food to go somewhere to eat - Basics 101. BUT. What IS good food? What does that mean? We believe good food isn't necessarily something that explodes your senses, but we believe good food is taking a bite of something and having that familiar memory of the time you and brother Johnny went running out in the yard and when you tripped over your dad's tools, brother Johnny ran right to you and asked if you were okay. Upon wiping those tears away and smiling back, he grabs your hand and you're back off to the races - and watch out! The floor is lava. Those must be our famous Johnston's Pork Bites. Try something else - what can you remember?

4. Drinks

What pairs well with food? Most drinks of course. Here is the thing. As social an activity as eating is, it is seen predominantly as an individual experience. You are in tune with your innermost senses being brought back to familiar places and revisiting memories. There truly is a lot that happens when you take a bite. With all that going on and while chewing your food where do you find time to talk with the people you've invited to your table? When you get to your drink of course! This is the part where you take shots with your friends for Susie's birthday or you sip each other's special cocktails because you're jealous of the garnish Joanna got. Maybe you and the guys have just finished construction on a 25 storey apartment building - Great! We have a drink for that too. Cheers to the weekend! It is for reasons like these that having a varied drink menu is so important. Don't forget to drink some water in between - then you're in for some good memory making!

5. Your Friends and Family

Above all else, whoever you bring with you to an establishment is bound to change the course of your day or night. Whether it's a special celebration or just another day, these people become the influence. Together you will enjoy memory-invoking food and together you will put aside your plates and cheers to the weekend. At this point you may be laughing with your server who has grown to enjoy when you and your friends come in. In fact, your table might be their favourite part of their shift. It's an amazing thing to go to work and connect with people in new and meaningful ways. We only hope the feeling is mutual. Finally the sounds of the night kick in - your favourite song comes on the speakers and the clack of pool balls in the background bring a competitive smile to your face. No matter the reason - you are here with people who are experiencing the same thing. They get it.

This is a small list of some things we think about when we work hard to deliver The Embassy to you every single day. These are the moments we believe can create a true dining experience in the 21st Century. What is the true conclusion to all this information? Why are we telling you this?

We believe in being different. While we are not perfect, we never claim to be. We do claim to be a family friendly environment for all people to come and enjoy themselves after a long day, a hard break-up, or a joyous new birth. From beginning to end we are here to become friends with you. All of you.

No matter the reason or the purpose - we believe EVERYTHING is better with friends.

The Unofficial Fraser Valley Embassy

43971 Industrial Way, Chilliwack, BC

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